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Like the bear in the song, they went to see what they could see. And what a sight it was, with mist in the valleys and the mountains all around.

September 13, 2008. Seven powered paraglider pilots and two powered parachute pilots were going to spend the night in Steve Beste's hangar at the Front Royal, Virginia, airport. At dawn, they would all fly east over the Blue Ridge to the Warrenton Airpark in a rare cross-country trip at the limit of their range. But the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms, so all but the intrepid Ami Abramson and Michael O'Daniel dropped out. Woody Allen was right! 80% of success is showing up. It turned out to be a perfect morning for the trip.

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6pm Friday. Intermittent rain. Airshow cancelled. Ami is ready to flyAmi revs upAmi taking off, Friday eveningHe's upAmi flying in the mountainsSend me men to match my mountainsMichael and Steve31 miles through the Chester GapNext morning at 7am, just after dawnAmi, his mood as bright as the dawn sun on his faceMichael prepares to launch, Saturday morningMichael checks his gearMichael is off!Michael circling west after takeoffMichael under the dawn skyMichael over the deserted runway, waiting for AmiAmi takes off after MichaelAmi is airborneAmi about to turn east for the airpark, 31 miles over the mountainsJust after takeoff, heading east